White Paper: Exploring Longitudinal Cell-free Plasma in Liquid Biopsy: Advancing Precision Oncology

Explore applications of plasma samples for biomarker research and development of companion diagnostics

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Cancer is a highly heterogeneous disease that continues to strain healthcare systems worldwide and remains the second leading cause of death, with approximately 10 million deaths in 2020. However, remarkable progress has been made in cancer research and treatment in recent years, particularly in understanding the molecular and cellular drivers of cancer, which has paved the way for the development of more targeted therapeutic approaches. These breakthroughs have expanded cancer treatment options available to patients and are leading the way toward precision oncology.

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  • The transformative potential of liquid biopsies, including longitudinal plasma sample collection, in advancing cancer research with the goal of improving patient outcomes

  • The initiatives taken to establish a vast longitudinal cell-free plasma biobank by providing researchers with highly comprehensive datasets that are a rich source of data for investigating tumor evolution, tumor heterogeneity, discovering predictive biomarkers, and tracking treatment response and resistance

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