Once a target is identified the various effects of the drug can be measured. This involves all read-outs we use during the biomarker validation but instead of looking at the effect of various candidates we focus on one component.

As the tumor microenvironment can play an important role we focus especially on test methods involving fresh tissue.

Especially for preclinical research, we have established a comprehensive drug profiling platform, using our unique access to clinics, where drug candidates are tested on fresh tumor tissue slices or cells to predict the efficacy and absorption of drug compounds.

The compound effects can be measured regarding toxicity, pathway activity, and genomic and proteomic profiles. Multiplex IHC read-outs are done by in-house pathologists with state-of-the-art digital histopathology. Assays in characterized cell lines complement our offering.


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Drug Profiling

Due to Indivumed Services exclusive access to fresh tissue, our drug profiling platform enables comprehensive analyses (for example, of drug effects) in a more natural tumor microenvironment than cell lines.
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Drug Profiling using Human Precision Cut Cancer Tissue Slices

Human precision cut cancer tissue slices (PCCTS) allow us to analyze the functional effects of an anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody in the tumor’s natural microenvironment. Discover how this provides the basis for a drug testing platform.
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Flow Cytometry

To characterize immune cell phenotypes, Flow Cytometry is the key technology to use. In this note, we analyzed tumor infiltrating immune cells (TILs) using Indivumed Service’s tumor and adjacent normal tissue from CRC and NSCLC patients.
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Immunohistochemistry Services/Digital Pathology

Our chromogenic and fluorescence multiplex IHC (fmIHC) service offers the possibility to analyze biomarkers and molecules of interested on tissue sections with the highest specificity.
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Longitudinal Cell-free Plasma

Indivumed Services has established a network of cancer practices to focus on the collection of longitudinal cell-free plasma samples allowing monitoring of disease progression over the course of treatment.
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Spatial Transcriptomics

As "Certified Service provider" of 10x Genomics, we offer the full workflow for your Spatial Transcriptomics project. Overcome the lack of morphological information within bulk RNA analysis and examine the total transcriptome in the morphological context with just one tissue section.
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Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis Service

Single cell sequencing provides you with a deep insight into gene expression and opens the opportunity to characterize heterogeneous cell populations. We use the 10x Genomics technology, "Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression," for which we are a certified service provider.