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Those who join Indivumed Services feel a sense of ownership about their future. They thrive through innovation in the foremost fields in biotechnology. Here, you will join passionate professionals who strive to develop innovative products and technologies for biopharmaceutical applications to advance fields in science and medicine. You will excel in an environment characterized by respect, integrity, and growth opportunities.


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Common Precautions to Protect Yourself as a Job Applicant

All correspondence will only be sent from an email address ending in our domain @crownbio.com

Never provide any non–work-related personal information such as your social security number, credit card number, date of birth, home address, and marital status online, through e-mail, over the phone, in a fax, or on your résumé.

Carefully evaluate contact information in job ads or related e-mails. Watch out for spelling errors, an e-mail address that does not match the company name, and inconsistencies with branding.

Don’t interact with potential employers who urge you to act fast. A typical sign of a job scam is when the scammer urges you to act fast to “seal the deal” and give them your money or your personal information.

Don’t accept an offer when you didn’t apply. Sometimes, scammers will contact you out of nowhere, saying you’re hired for a job that you didn’t apply for. This is, of course, a scam.