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Biomarker Analysis and Drug Profiling in Multi-Omics Cancer Research Using Spatial Transcriptomics

odw-inside-scientificDiscover why spatial transcriptomics is a game-changer in cancer research with our on demand webinar. This innovative approach allows for the visualization and analysis of the entire transcriptome within its histological context, offering unprecedented insights into biomarker behavior and drug performance in patient-derived tumor tissues.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Gain comprehensive insights into how our platform can streamline and enhance your drug profiling efforts

  • Receive a thorough overview of spatial transcriptomics, including how transcriptional changes can inform drug treatment decisions

  • Learn to interpret the functional impact of drugs and analyze pathway interactions within their morphological contexts

Join us to gain invaluable insights into how spatial transcriptomics can enhance your understanding of cancer biology and therapeutic responses. This is an essential learning opportunity for anyone involved in cancer research or drug development.

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About the Presenter:

Nicole Kerstedt, PhD, Senior Manager of Genomics at Indivumed Services

Dr. Nicole Kerstedt began her scientific journey as a Laboratory Assistant, advancing to earn a biochemistry degree and a PhD in biology specializing in biochemistry from Charité-Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. Throughout her career as a PhD student, PostDoc, and scientist, she mastered techniques in cell biology, protein biochemistry, and molecular biology.

Since joining Indivumed in 2014, Dr. Kerstedt has focused on genomics, applying advanced techniques such as qPCR, sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, and single-cell gene expression profiling to support biomarker analysis in cancer research. In her leadership role, she manages laboratory projects and the department's organizational scope, providing scientific guidance and driving the adoption of innovative technologies and methods.

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