Indivumed becomes Certified Service Provider of the Spatial Transcriptomics technology by 10x Genomics

June 09, 2021

Hamburg, June 9, 2021 – Today, we are happy to announce that Indivumed became a “Certified Service Provider” of the Spatial Transcriptomics technology (Visium Spatial Gene Expression) by 10x Genomics. In combination with our high quality multi-omics tissue Indivumed offers the whole workflow for our customers research projects.

This state-of-the-art technology combines RNA sequencing information with the morphological context of a tissue and by that gains deeper insights compared to conventional RNA bulk sequencing or in situ hybridization. It is a next-generation molecular profiling solution for classifying tissue, based on total mRNA. By mapping the transcriptome with the morphological context in FF tissue it gives the opportunity to discover novel insights into molecular cancer development and its pathology.

Read more about the Spatial Transcriptomics Service or the latest Publication of that valuable tool to visualize compound effect in precision cut cancer tissue slices (PCCTS).