Find new paths to innovative cancer immunotherapies

Cancer immunology, or “immuno-oncology,” is a growing field of research that aims to discover innovative cancer immunotherapies to treat and impede the progression of the disease. Understanding how cancer evades the immune system is the basis of immuno-oncology.

With Indivumed’s scientific support you can, for example, identify the different types of immune cells and their state of activation, as well as the role of the tumor microenvironment.

Indivumed supports your immune oncology efforts with banked and prospective biospecimen from patients having received immune oncology treatment in combination with outstanding lab services.

This well-described biospecimen can be used in different read-outs like multiplex fluorescent IHC, proteomics, genomics, or cell biology methods.

Of course, the assays can be performed on tissue/fluids provided by the customer. In-house pathologists create read-outs using state-of-the-art digital histopathology to provide robust results for our customers’ research.

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