Biomarkers are important when it comes to the development of novel drugs and mechanisms and are also gaining importance as companion diagnostic markers.

Indivumed provides extensive R&D services for biomarker assay development and clinical validation and to develop biomarkers that accurately indicate improved clinical outcomes. Our access to ischemia-controlled biospecimen as well as pathology-grade “real-life” samples shorten your time to market.

The service ranges from characterization and validation of commercial or proprietary antibodies to clinical verification and validation of the established assays. In-house pathologists create read-outs using state-of-the-art digital histopathology to provide robust results. Our biomarker analysis and development program is designed according to ISO certification, GCLP compliance, and ICH guidelines.

Indivumed serves as a partner for clinical trials, which includes both the collection of biospecimen from cancer patients as well as performing analytical assays in Indivumed’s GCLP-compliant laboratories.


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Immunohistochemistry Services/Digital Pathology

Our chromogenic and fluorescence multiplex IHC (fmIHC) service offers the possibility to analyze biomarkers and molecules of interested on tissue sections with the highest specificity.
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Longitudinal Cell-free Plasma

Indivumed Services has established a network of cancer practices to focus on the collection of longitudinal cell-free plasma samples allowing monitoring of disease progression over the course of treatment.
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Mutation Profiling

Indivumed Services performs highly standardized mutation profiling with different panels that detect somatic mutations in cancer-related genes by multiplexed targeted resequencing on the MiSeqDx platform (Illumina).
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Overview – Indivumed Services Biobank

To support your research and development in personalized medicine, Indivumed Services offers Multi-omics Grade and Standard Grade Biospecimens with a high-quality guarantee and low usability failure rate.
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Simple Western Size™

Find out how to detect AXL protein expression in breast cancer tissue samples using a Simple Western Size™ assay and compare the data with gene expression data measured by qPCR.
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High Quality Tissue: Developing Predictive Biomarker Assays

We use the Cepheid platform to perform numerous molecular tests that especially benefit from combination with our highly standardized tissue.
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Spatial Transcriptomics

As "Certified Service provider" of 10x Genomics, we offer the full workflow for your Spatial Transcriptomics project. Overcome the lack of morphological information within bulk RNA analysis and examine the total transcriptome in the morphological context with just one tissue section.
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Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis Service

Single cell sequencing provides you with a deep insight into gene expression and opens the opportunity to characterize heterogeneous cell populations. We use the 10x Genomics technology, "Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression," for which we are a certified service provider.