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Simple Western Size™, qPCR

Detection of AXL RTK in minute amounts of human samples – development of a Simple Western Size™ assay

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A Simple Western Size™ assay for the detection of AXL protein expression in breast cancer tissue was developed to detect the AXL receptor tyrosine kinase in tissue lysates. The AXL receptor tyrosine kinase is expressed in a variety of cancers and has been revealed as the most highly expressed gene in preclinical models with acquired resistance to targeted therapy. Upregulation and/or activation of AXL are also shown to be predictive of lack of response to ErbB family receptor-targeted inhibitors, such as Her2-targeted agents.

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  • The newly developed Simple Western Size™ assay and how it allows for the analysis and quantification of AXL protein expression profiles in breast cancer tissue (and subsequent correlation to Her2 expression status, for example).

  • The high sensitivity reported and the reproducibility of the quantitative SWS assay for the detection of AXL protein and it’s highly qualified implementation in the clinical setting (patient stratification).

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