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Drug Profiling Using Human Precision Cut Cancer Tissue Slices

Treatment of tissue slices with a monoclonal anti-EGFR antibody and analysis of functional effect

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Our development of a preclinical drug testing platform based on precision cut cancer tissue slices that is suitable for the investigation of anti-cancer drug effects in the natural tumor microenvironment provides you with an analytical approach to more detailed antibody testing. In this study, we examined the functionality of a monoclonal anti-EGFR antibody using our drug testing platform. Colorectal cancer tissue samples were treated with an anti-EGFR antibody for up to 48 hours. The EGFR expression status of the tissue samples was analyzed by immunohistochemical staining. Tissue proliferation was determined by Ki67 levels. The phosphorylation levels of selected key proteins from two EGFR-related downstream pathways were evaluated by the Meso Scale Discovery multiplex technology and IHC staining. The NanoPro 1000 technology was integrated into the pathway analysis approach for a more detailed view of signaling pathways.

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  • Our findings of the NanoPro™ 1000 technology can potentially be useful for identifying individual phosphorylation patterns of tumor cells, which may facilitate the discovery of predictive biomarkers to further improve personalized anti-cancer therapy.

  • Insight into the model and data used to measure precision cut cancer tissue slices for a more comprehensive analysis of drug responses. In particular, we highlight the cellular responses to targeted drugs in a natural tumor microenvironment.

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