The outcome of your research is directly linked to the quality of the used biospecimen. In order to reflect the molecular reality, the biospecimen quality benefits from our standardized sampling by Indivumed study nurses and Indivumed trained personnel.

This includes fresh-frozen tissue, FFPE samples, plasma, serum, and urine, as well as prospective collection of fresh tissue.

Multi-omics Grade biospecimens are collected by our trained study nurses directly in the operating room, ensuring excellent sample quality with the lowest ischemia time possible. Mutation characterized samples (for example, via NGS), matched samples (metastasis, adjacent normal, and liquids), and comprehensive clinical follow-up data allow you to excel in your research and development of personalized medicine.

Alongside, we collect and offer Standard Grade biospecimens from our clinical pathology network, as well as external sources. These samples are most suitable for high-throughput validation of diagnostic tests and platforms.

In collaboration with a continuously expanding oncology network, Indivumed  Services has established a unique high-quality cell-free plasma biobank that is exclusively focused on collecting longitudinal plasma samples from cancer patients. This allows the isolation of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) from pre- and post-treatment plasma samples. The high quality is ideal for biomarker development, therapy monitoring, detection of early drug resistance, and better understanding of the drug’s mechanism of action.


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Mutation Profiling

Indivumed Services performs highly standardized mutation profiling with different panels that detect somatic mutations in cancer-related genes by multiplexed targeted resequencing on the MiSeqDx platform (Illumina).
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Overview – Indivumed Services Biobank

To support your research and development in personalized medicine, Indivumed Services offers Multi-omics Grade and Standard Grade Biospecimens with a high-quality guarantee and low usability failure rate.
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Multi-omics Grade Biospecimens

We use standardized protocols to process Multi-omics Grade Biospecimens immediately after surgical resection. This provides an optimal indication of the molecular reality of your patient’s disease state.
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Longitudinal Cell-free Plasma

Indivumed Services has established a network of cancer practices to focus on the collection of longitudinal cell-free plasma samples allowing monitoring of disease progression over the course of treatment.
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Standard Grade Biospecimens

Standard Grade Biospecimens are obtained through our global external biospecimen network in accordance with controlled processes and in-house quality control to complement the range of tissue for your needs.
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Plasma Quality cfDNA

We analyzed the quantity and quality of our cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from plasma samples collected at all Indivumed Services sites. Read more about the different control methods (for example, qPCR).
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Flow Cytometry

To characterize immune cell phenotypes, Flow Cytometry is the key technology to use. In this note, we analyzed tumor infiltrating immune cells (TILs) using Indivumed Service’s tumor and adjacent normal tissue from CRC and NSCLC patients.